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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 31, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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happy new year! earth, wind & fire! the new year almost here on the west coast. right now, hundreds of thousands are gathering along san francisco's waterfront to ring in 2016. good evening, everyone, i'm russ
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polumbo. >> hundreds of thousands of descending on san francisco's waterfront to celebrate the new year with a fireworks show. live along the embarcadero with what will be the best view in the house. >> reporter: this is the main event. take a look. all of these people are gathering down here on the waterfront to get an up close look at the fireworks that will usher in 2016. in these last few hours of 2015 san francisco is getting ready for a party. dressed to impress from head to toe. >> san francisco's the best. we're, you know, we're in love with san francisco, and it's just the best city to be today. >> reporter: the city's embarcadero is where many will
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leave the past behind and step into their future. >> i think of all the many things we got to in 2015, we'll leave those behind. >> reporter: finishing the preparations for confetti, and cocktails party. a dj will set the festive mood, and the view will do the rest. >> we're going to have an amazing video of the fireworks at midnight. >> reporter: this afternoon, ktvu got a behind the scenes look as the pyrotechnic crew got everything in order for tonight's big show. >> we checked the weather reports, and it's supposed to be really clear, because there's always a chance of san francisco, shooting into the fog, and nobody likes that. so we got really lucky. >> reporter: the clear night is luck. but making sure everything goes smoothly takes planning. >> we're very proactive, especially tonight. >> reporter: sfpd is out in force. some officers you may see, others you might not.
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>> they see us, but you know, for all they know, they could be standing next to a police officer, amend he's in plainclothes, and i guarantee, you're not going to know who they are. >> reporter: police will be out from the embarcadero fireworks show, to the civic center area. the highlight, what makes the new year official will be that light show over the bay. >> if you stay up until midnight, do you think you will make it? >> yes, i will. yes, i will. >> that's past your bed time, i'm guessing. >> it is. it really is. >> reporter: take a bow, 2015, and welcome 2016 with open arms. >> every minute of life. enjoying life. 100%. >> reporter: at midnight, everyone gets a fresh start. so the traffic here along the embarcadero is noticeably heavy here in the last couple of hours. they've had signs posted up for days, warning peep of traffic delays around midnight on the
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order of what looks like rush hour traffic normally. and heather, one note. if there are some people maybe, who are already in the city who are planning to come out here to watch the fireworks, bundle up, because it's chilly. >> yeah, it certainly is. mark and i have been talking about that all day noel. thank you so much for reporting there live along the embarcadero. meanwhile in new york city, more than a million people watched the big ball drop in times square. look at that. here's 2016 on the east coast. the crowd got to watch a stream of performers, as they waited out in the cold, including demi lavato, and nick jonas. the huge waterford crystal ball ushered in 2016.
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everyone on the square passed through metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs. backpacks and large bags were forbidden there. an estimated 6,000 officers were on patrol there. thousands of cameras were focused on the crowd as well, watching for any sign of trouble. in europe, new years celebrations were somewhat muted amidst terror concerns. what they call a quote serious imminent threat from isis. u.s. officials said foreign intelligence services told them that the terror group was planning attacks with as many as seven suicide bombers. both stations have since reopened with the police presence remaining there on sight. in paris, site of that deadly terror attack back in november, new year's eve events were scaled back a bit. instead of a fireworks display, a laser light show was organized around the arc de triumph, and shown on large screens. tens of thousands of police and
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troops were deployed around france in wake of this year's terror attack and the deadly attack almost a year ago at the satirical newspaper, charlie hebdo. burning right through their fireworks show, at least 17 people were hurt, and hundreds more evacuated, as fire erupted in this 53 story building. one said it erupted on the 20th floor when the curtains caught fire. there is no suggestion that terrorism was in any way involved. all of this as hundreds of thousands were gathering to watch that city's famous fireworks display. >> two particular areas. one about the 9th floor, and that was quite badly. then another fire further up, about 25, 30 floors up. >> the tallest building was the centerpiece for the show. here in the bay area, police agencies are fanned out
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tonight, looking for drivers who have been drinking, and should not be on the road. azenith smith, live in san jose, where the message is drinking and driving is simply not worth it. >> heather, it's not worth it. i see a lot of people out here already. you could spend time in jail. you could also pay up to $10,000 of towing, and legal fees. not to mention, someone could get hurt or killed. a good new years resolution for everyone to start off the holiday safe. >> reporter: in downtown san jose, the excitement is building. balloons ready to drop, to usher in 2016. >> never run out of any booze, especially champagne. >> reporter: law enforcement will be watching. >> we just try to blend in as much as we can with the rest of traffic. >> reporter: chp took us on a ride along. they didn't pull anyone over, but the night is still young.
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beginning tonight through sunday, a maximum enforcement period. that means more officers out, looking for drink drivers who may be distracted. speeding, driving too close. >> you don't want to start the new year with a dui on your record. >> reporter: not wanting a repeat of last year's holiday, when chp says 28 people died in crashes statewide. more than 1100 people arrested for dui. officer morasco says he's witnessed first hand, too many of those deadly crashes. >> it takes a mental toll on you. not only for yourself, but you have to try to put yourself in the family's shoes. >> reporter: appearing on the 4 on 2, mothers against drunk driving. >> to make the right choices, and not get behind the wheel intoxicated. >> >> reporter: they all say there's no excuse. aaa is offering free tows and
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rides through its tippy tow program. this party has a plan to keep it going at home. >> we have a couple bourbons we're going to try. you know what they say about drinking and driving. stop driving. >> reporter: that man was laughing when he said that. but they're offering a pay for uber and taxi rides for those patron who is need it. just a heads up, police in san jose will be having a dui checkpoint saturday night at an undisclosed location. >> all right thank you very much. we're part of project road block. >> are you good to drive? >> i'm fine. ♪ [ music ] >> how many did you have? >> i should be fine. >> you should be? >> you want to step out of the vehicle for me?
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>> see ya buddy. good luck. >> turns out, buzzed driving and drunk driving are the same thing, and it costs around $10,000. so not worth it. >> tv stations across the bay area have been successfully partnering with project road block for some 12 years now. turning to financial news tonight in wall street, closed down today, ending its worst year since 2008. the dow jones lost 178 points today, ending 2,015 down, about 2%. the nasdaq dropped 58, but it is up about 1% for the year. the s & p 500 also gave up 19 today. it's down a fraction for the year. the markets are closed tomorrow, and will reopen monday to start a new year. new tonight at 10:00, san francisco's police chief is now asking the justice department to step in and review the city's police policies. chief greg suhr also wants the doj to help officers correctly respond to people armed with weapons, like knives. it comes after an officer shot
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and killed mario woods four weeks ago. woods, you'll remember was carrying a knife and a stabbing suspect at the time. the video of officers shooting him over and over again prompted protesters to ask the chief to resign. yesterday, chief sur met with african american leaders to help police repair. as well as more effective community policing. people in a san francisco neighborhood cleaning up after a water main break. crews were called to a home near 41st avenue in moraga. traffic was slow going, because crews had to dig up a portion of the road to make those repairs. a temporary fix is allowing cars to once again move through san francisco's mowy valley, after an 8-inch sewer pipe failed. this crater was so deep that crews have put the repairwork
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off until saturday. once they get the proper safety equipment in, they'll be able to shore up this 10 feet hole. there is a bus bridge to get riders through that area, tonight, one of america's most beloved sitcom stars has passed away. wayne rogers was best known for playing trepper john on mash, but the alabama native and princeton graduate's success goes way beyond the scene. rogers was a regular panelist on the fox news show, cashing in. the 82-year-old died today in l.a. from complications from pneumonia. super bowl l. headed to santa clara. and the fate of some youth soccer fields is still unknown. the last ditch court effort to keep the nfl away. >> 2016 starts out with very cold temperatures, and clear skies. coming up, the neighborhoods that will be in the 20s, and details on a freeze warning.
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>> but up first, luxury cars stolen. how thieves made their way to a dealership and drove off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in vehicles. for the new mattress models! it's time to make room during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale... get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! plus, same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models?
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sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ new at 10:00, four people caught on camera stealing several luxury cars. all of them from a san francisco dealership. and from the video, it's pretty obvious these thieves knew what they were doing. police say the burglars cut the
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lock to the main gate to the royal auto gripe. then they drilled through the lock to where the keys to the cars are kept, took some of those keys, and drove off with several high end cars worth several hundred thousand dollars. the owner says something like this has never happened to the business. >> not in our 65 plus years of business have we ever had a vehicle stolen from our property that was in service. >> it's not clear if the stolen cars belonged to the dealership or customers. the grandmother accused of drowning her grandson in a bathtub faced a judge today. as fox 2's crime reporter henry lee reports, it's actually the second shocking case like this in just the last two weeks. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed in court today, as dawn raines-hewes made an appearance for charges of allegedly
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drowning her grandson. the 51-year-old did not enter a plea for allegedly killing the boy, identified as richard kite. if convicted, she could face 25 years to life in prison. authorities have declined to discuss a motive. her only prior criminal conviction is from a dui in livermore in 2006. this is the second case of its kind in fairfield. this woman, gina bailey was charged with shaking a 17-month- old boy, and dropping him on the ground, killing him near traverse air force base. >> i'm here again for arraignment, on this time a grandmother who has killed a 4- year-old child. there isn't any time of year where this is acceptable, or okay, or all right, but it sure doesn't make it any easier to tolerate. >> reporter: at first, police were sent to a home on jefferson street for reports of a drowning. >> not breathing. turning blue. >> reporter: after interviewing witnesses and the defendant,
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fairfield police determined this was no accident, the woman, richard's maternal grandmother admitted to the crime. she had been babysitting richards and his two sisters. they weren't harmed. in court today, she wore a green vest, designed to prevent her from harming herself. >> there does appear to be at least a partial mental health aspect to this case. we'll have to investigate that as well. >> reporter: will be back in court in one week. until then, she'll be held without bay. a 51-year-old man from half moon bay is behind bars tonight, suspected of trying to lure a 15-year-old girl into a sexual relationship. deputies arrested this man, patrick joseph andorfer last night. this after investigators posed as the teen to set up a fake meeting between the two. andorfer is accused of sending
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the girl lewd and sexually explicit tests and social media messages. the contra costa county sheriff's department issued video of a strong armed robbery. one is wearing a black hoody, and black and white camouflage pants. the other has a gray jacket with white sleeves. they both beat the clerk and stole items from the store. soccer moms and dads are going back to court in a last minute effort to keep some of their playing field out of the hands of the nfl. as ktvu fox 2's ann reuben reports, the soccer league wants a guarantee their kids will have some place to play before the bulldozers move in. >> reporter: there isn't much time left on the clock. still, youth soccer isn't willing to concede defeat. >> we're hoping that through judicial means we can get some protection for their home field. >> reporter: a judge is their last resort. come monday, the nfl will take
10:19 pm
over the youth soccer fields to begin preparations for the super bowl. it's part of a long standing deal with the city of santa clara. >> the city made hard commitments to the nfl in march of 2013, and the nfl has relied on those commitments. so now at this point, it's the city's obligation to make good on those commitments. >> reporter: attorneys had asked for a temporary restraining order. they did not get one. a preliminary injunction hearing has been pushed until wednesday. that means the nfl might begin construction at the field. >> until we hear otherwise, work is going to start on january 4. >> reporter: it will be just site preparation work the first few days. it's what comes next that soccer officials are worried about. the construction of a village on top of their field. the nfl has promised to repair them afterward, still, the soccer field thinks that could take months, leaving the kids with no place to play. they say there is room for compromise out of court, if the
10:20 pm
city or nfl provided one thing. >> access to three quality fields from the january to june timeframe at the city's expense, or the nfl, whoever is taking responsibility. >> reporter: they say they're trying to stay hopeful, but for the kids who play on these soccer fields, this is about more than just winning. >> these fields are home. this is where we practice. everyone is willing to fight for what we deserve and what's ours. so we'll stand up for it, and stand up for santa clara. >> reporter: the nfl, super bowl host committee and 49ers released a joint statement saying they're thankful the super bowl plans and build out will continue. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. well new year's eve, we're talking about some very cold temperatures. take a look at these numbers. they've been dropping rapidly all night long. already, a few 20s to report toward fairfield right now 29
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degrees. livermore already 32. san jose 42 degrees. san francisco mid-40s, and some lower 30s, towards santa rosa, novato, and napa at last check. here's our live camera now looking towards san francisco. for the most part we have fair skies this evening. we showed you some very cold temperatures. in the short term for new year's eve, across the bay area, as we approach the midnight hour. the beaches and coastline mainly in the 40s. as we come in closer to san francisco with the fireworks forecast, we'll have temperatures in the low 40s. a freeze warning already in place until 8:00 a.m. friday. temperatures will be in the 20s and 30s. so take a look at these projected lows first thing tomorrow morning toward napa, and sonoma. lower 20s there. lots of 20s for livermore, pleasanton. san jose, a subfreezing 30 degrees.
10:22 pm
san francisco in the upper 30s. we're starting out friday morning, january 1, very chilly with that freeze warning in place. coming up at about 10:40, we'll take a look at your weekend forecast. possibly, a few rain clouds, and a big change in the weather pattern for next week. >> thank you very much, mark. a ship of megaproportions. tonight at 10:30, the cargo ship now here, and how it's ushering in the next generation of vessels coming into the bay area. >> the warriors back on the course. how they bounce back from a tough defeat without steph curry. >> in two minutes, the stanford cardinal in southern california for tomorrow's big rose bowl. their preparation as they return for the third time in just four years.
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to get everything ready for tomorrow's tournament of roses parade. this year's theme is find your adventure. filmmaker ken burns is the grand marshal, and police say security of course will be tight. tomorrow's rose bowl pits stanford against iowa. >> as scott reese found out, the team not only works hard, well, it plays hard. >> reporter: the rose bowl isn't just a game. it's a week long adventure. >> there's a bunch of fun events that i have planned for. every night, it's always something fun and exciting. >> let's go! >> reporter: first stop, the magic kingdom. >> we spent so much time in the film room and the weight room and on the field, you forget there's places like disneyland, the happiyest place on the world. >> reporter: well maybe second
10:26 pm
happiest to lowry's beef bowl. >> this has been gosh, enjoyable. >> reporter: the cardinal were mostly about business this week, preparing to run for the roses. >> we strive to meet those goals and to get back here for the third time it's remarkable. >> reporter: stanford has done this dance twice in the last three seasons, beating wisconsin in 2014, and losing a heartbreaker to michigan state in 2015. this time around, yet another physical big ten opponent in iowa. >> they don't do a whole lot. but they're extremely good at what they do. you ask any team, and you've got to focus on you, and the things that you can control, that's doing your job and doing it to the best of your ability. >> they'll fight. that's kind of how we are too. very similar teams. they've pretty much haven't changed. they're going to keep fighting, and it's going to be a great game. >> reporter: the final preamble took place today. first, the kickoff luncheon adjacent to the stadium. then the official rose bowl
10:27 pm
team photo beneath the historic sign. at that point, it got very real. the players and coaches then existed the premises. they pretty much go into hiding until the game tomorrow. the game gives stanford the chance to even its rose bowl, and bowl record at an even .500 of all-time. >> let's go stanford. someone will start the new year a whole lot richer. a powerball ticket worth nearly $2 million was sold in san jose. so far folks, it's gone unclaimed. the ticket was purchased at the wine rack on santa theresa boulevard. a full match would have been worth $300 million. as i mentioned, it's worth $1.9 million. not too bad though. here are the winning numbers. 12, 61, 54, 38 and 36. the ticket did not have the matching powerball number,
10:28 pm
which was 22. but who's going to complain about $1.9 million. >> only $1.9 million. i'd better check my pocket. coming up, dungeness crab for the new year. the restrictions just lifted. also, new protections for your privacy starting at midnight tonight. >> up first, a megaship in the bay area. helping prepare the port of oakland for the next generation of global commerce.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
the port of oakland is playing host to its first mega ship tonight. as tom vacar tells us, port officials hope it's the first of many such visits to the bay area. >> reporter: with thousands
10:31 pm
watching from the shore line, the container megaship benjamin franklin, passed under the golden gate bridge bound for the port of oakland. at least 100 feet longer than the average container ship. 200feet longer than an aircraft carrier. as wide as a 14 lane freeway that has the weight of more than 400 fully fueled, and loaded jumbo jets. >> oakland is one of two ports in the united states or port complexes in the united states that can actually handle this kind of mass of a vessel. so it is a real game changer. >> average containerships carry 10 to 14,000 containers. the ben franklin can carry 18,000. before this can visit here regularly, plus the much larger ones that will be coming, the port will still have to do more than it already has. >> port of oakland has raised 8
10:32 pm
of its cranes. we're investing several millions of dollars beginning next april to lift another four cranes. so we'll have the flexibility to take big ships of benjamin franklin class. >> reporter: it will soon handle perishable cargo more efficiently. >> it's a vote of confidence on the part of this particular steam ship, that it feels that the ports on the west coast, particularly the ports of l.a., and oakland have come back from the problems they've had last winter. >> reporter: all of this worries one spectator who amounts that we import more than we export. >> we just keep sending more jobs overseas. it's crazy. >> reporter: besides intense competition, the new much wider
10:33 pm
panama canal, now 98% complete, opens in just a few months. hundreds of new california laws take effect in just about 90 minutes tonight. moping them, law enforcement agencies will now need to get a search warrant before looking at emails, text messages, and gps data on phones, laptops, or even the cloud. the law was written with the support of tech companies, including google, facebook, and apple. california high school exit exams will be suspended for three years. passing the test had been a graduation requirement. now educators have three years to create a new test. the law will also let thousands of opportunities who hadn't passed the test before get diplomas if they completed all the other requirements with. and the state's minimum wage increases now from 9, to $10 an hour when governor brown signed the bill he said it was a way to help narrow the divide
10:34 pm
between the rich and the poor. now to washington, where the state department released thousands more emails from hillary clinton's account when she was secretary of state. in all, sent 55,000 pages of her emails are made public. the number released today, falls short of the number a judge said must be made public by the end of the year. the department says it plans to release more next week. the democratic presidential front runner had no comment. turmoil in the campaign of ben carson. they questioned carson's readiness to be president, and said carson's long time business manager had too much influence. carson has been slipping in the polls, as he strugglewide foreign policy questions. state health officials have lifted the advisory on dungeness crab. it's now okay to eat dungeness, and rock crab along the central and southern coasts. recent tests show crab caught off santa barbara, and most of
10:35 pm
san luis obispo county have low to undetectable levels of demowicacid. that can be poisonous to humans. dungeness crab off the coast of oregon is till off limits. now to the holiday weekend, and some fun events around the bay. >> with this holiday edition of weekend watch. >> reporter: why not start off the new year by taking in the arts. in oakland, the city saturday stroll artwork. along the pass, many galleries host free programs, musical performances, and literary readings. for a map of participating galleries, log onto oakland art the oakland museum is free on sunday. you will find the focus on art and california. the oakland museum is open from 10 to 6. in san francisco, the
10:36 pm
art museum is free on sunday. this is one of the largest in the world exclusive to asian art. the museum is open from 10:00 to 5:00. looking for something more active? pedal your way into the new year with a bike party. the san francisco celebration is for all riders of different ages, types, and skill levels. the meet up is at civic center plaza at 7:30, and the roll out begins at 8:00. in san jose, it may be your last chance it celebrate the holiday season. the final weekend of christmas in the park takes place at cesar chavez. over 60 musical, and animated instruments. in sports, raiders are away. niners host the rams. sharks host the jets, and warriors host the nuggets. that is weekend watch. you may recall video of a woman tossing a dog to the
10:37 pm
ground. it was disturbing to watch. tonight we have an update on that animal that's now been located. >> we talked about the cold temperatures to start off 2016. also, a changing weather pattern, when rain clouds return. >> up first, that affluenza teen on the move, after his arrest from puerto vallarta. why he may now be going somewhere else in mexico, even as his mom arrives here in the u.s.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
18-year-old ethan couch left guadalajara apparently on his way to mexico city. a video service showed the teen in a party where drinking games were apparently going on.
10:40 pm
they were reportedly afraid that his probation would be revoked. u.s. marshals took couch's mother into custody when she arrived at l.a.x. when couch was 16 years old, he was sentenced to ten years of probation after being convicted of killing four people while driving under the influence. fairfield animal control tells us that they now have that dog seen on video being tossed by its owner. animal control sent us video of the pug. he seems to be in good health, but they will do internal x- rays. you may recall this video was taken earlier this month, it was tough to watch. showing a woman, identified as brandy chen, tossing the little pug onto the ground. authorities are still looking for her. the dog was with the woman's boyfriend, and could be returned to him. one of the people injured in a deadly car crash with
10:41 pm
caitlyn jenner has settled her lawsuit. the terms of the set amment have not been released. the 66-year-old olympic medalist, known as bruce at the time was towing a vehicle. officers determined bruce was traveling at an unsafe speed. in a recent interview, the 71-year-old said that he felt like the movies were his kids, and that he quote sold them to the white slavers. the latest "star wars" installment is the first since disney purchased the films for $4 billion. lucas has since issued an
10:42 pm
apology. saying i rarely go out with statements. i am thrilled that disney is moving forward in such an exciting direction with films and parks. the weather system now taking aim in northern california, and the complete forecast. >> first, we'll talk you back to san francisco's waterfront where just an hour remains until tonight's big fireworks show. we'll check in with ktvu's noel walker. clearance sale. for a limited time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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back now to the new year's eve celebration. >> let's check back in with ktvu fox 2's noel walker, live along the waterfront as the bay area gets ready to countdown to the new years. 75 minutes to go. how is it going out there? >> reporter: we have an hour and 15 minutes left to go. a lot of people had the right idea in that stare starting to
10:45 pm
come out now. this clear night, great for fireworks, which can be pretty dicey for san francisco, but not tonight. it also makes it chilly down here. if you're one of those people heading down here to see the fireworks show to ring in 2016, be sure to bundle up, because it is quite chilly. there are hundreds of thousands of people who are expected to come to san francisco. most of them down here at the waterfront. this is certainly the highlight of the evening. police are out here in full force, probably more so than in year's past, probably because of what's happened in this country and around the world. no specific threats happening in san francisco, but they want to err on the side of safety. again, fireworks start at midnight sharp here in san francisco. so if you're heading down, get a seat. >> yeah, time is running out. always a lot of fun there. noel, thank you. >> thanks a lot, noel, we'll be watching. it looks like we remain on
10:46 pm
track. as you heard, you already know it's very chilly out there. temperatures already talking about 30s across parts of the bay area. live now on stormtracker 2, you can see the upper level wind pattern. with that, we have some cold air moving in from the north. that's responsible for the big cool down over the past few days. it's really not moving out today or even tomorrow even into saturday. so get ready for some very cold temperatures for tomorrow morning and then again into saturday morning as well. taking a look right now. we do have freezing temperatures out toward novato. 32degrees. guerneville, 34. some 40s for oakland, alameda, and berkely. castro valley, 36 degrees. san ramon, 33. down toward the south bay, morgan hill and gilroy, the upper 30s. for san francisco, a popular spot for tonight, right now in the mid-40s, and a string of 30s for san mateo, san carlos,
10:47 pm
and toward palo alto. looking at the bay bridge, a bit of traffic on the bay bridge as you can see here. the holiday lights still up in san francisco. of course at midnight, we'll have a lot more lights showing up in the sky with those fireworks. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, very cold. lots of 20s for santa rosa, napa, and fairfield. san francisco, eventually downtown, back down into the upper 30s. 39. beyond tomorrow, we're talking about some pretty, an active weather pattern, i should say. for sunday, our first system approaches the region. on tuesday, we're talking about another one as well. we could be tracking more shower chances. now that cold pattern sticks around for tomorrow with that freeze warning in place. into the weekend, there's a chance of a few showers saturday afternoon, into saturday night. sunday, we could have more showers developing later in the day. so here is our forecast model, partly cloudy skies skies for
10:48 pm
friday. for january 1. into sunday, you can see this kind of band moving parallel to our coastline, with that, let's keep an eye on shower chances, especially for the western half of the bay area. lake tahoe right now, it's 3 degrees in truckee. partly sunny skies for friday and saturday. your ski report looking pretty good. of course, they've had a lot of snow over the past few weeks. temperatures here in the bay area for tomorrow, mainly the upper 40s, to the lower 50s for afternoon highs. san jose 53. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, a cold start friday, and into saturday morning. we could be tracking some shower chances, especially for sunday, and then again into tuesday as well. just bundle up. keep saying that, at least for tonight. >> a cold start to the new year. happy new year. thanks a lot mark. coming up, sports director mark ibanez on tonight's warriors win. that's coming up after the break.
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10:51 pm
sports director mark ibanez joins us now with sports. >> hey, warriors. >> yeah, the one game losing streak is over. the warriors are pretty much capable of everything, one thing not in their repertoire though. that would be losing two in a row. even without steph curry in the lineup, they kind of buckled
10:52 pm
back down on defense. bounced back from off nights in dallas. the warriors own the rockets for the regular season. 7th straight over them. they tighten the d, draymond the steal, he worked hard for it. he had 10 points, 11 rebounds, and 16 assists. another triple double for him. andre iguodala back. the spring in his leg, pops the three. had 20 points tonight. also into the act, looking good, youngster james michael mcadue. told you it was about defense. he steals it, he slams it. he had 7 points off the bench. looking pretty good. but iggy comes through with another big one, as steph gets a kick out of doing his thing. andrew bogut. steph all pumped up. he probably will be back in action saturday night against
10:53 pm
denver. clay steals it late. the j. hit it. he ended up with 38 points tonight. the warriors up 11 with 1:35 left. the warriors are 30-2, and they are off until saturday night. with so much happening on new year's eve, kind of a calculated risk by the powers that be in college football to slate two much anticipated play offgames on this particular occasion. we'll see how the tv ratings work out tomorrow. the games not particularly enthralling, as we start you out with the cotton bowl. bama comes down and hard on michigan state, particularly in the 2nd half. spartans are hunting, and jones has the moves. a 57-yard touchdown return. and the tide start to pour it on at 24-0. michigan state, quickly 3 and out on offense.
10:54 pm
jake coker lets fly for calvin ridley. the freshman, 50-yard touchdown, and the tide does roll. 38-0. and a serious lack of theatrics in the other semifinal. clemson manhandles oklahoma in the orange bowl. 2nd half in particular. 21 unanswered points by clemson. the hookup, 35 yards for renfro 37-17, clemson. january11, a monday, the championship game. bama against clemson. that youngster, a long, long day for him. oklahoma sooner fan. meanwhile, next level ready. if you saw him in the armed forces bowl, you know exactly why jared goff is moving on. his cal bear career, just a very pleasant memory right now. the cal quarterback didn't want speculation to drag on, making it official, earlier today, put his name up on the nfl draft availability board.
10:55 pm
speculating he would fit perfectly for the 49ers who would have a very high draft pick come this spring. although a niners fan growing up, goff isn't thinking about that really. >> oh, man. i mean, i'll be happy to go anywhere that will take me, honestly. i'm not really thinking about that. i did grow up a niners fan, but like i said, i'll be happy to go anywhere, and be happy for any team that wants to draft me. >> look good in 49er gold helmet. whatever the formula, year in and year out, st. mary's they find a way to put a tenacious winning basketball team on the court. randy bennett is their coach again. calling his shot. gales and byu tonight, they lead the nation in field goal percentage, do the gales. the australian blows through the lane. he had 13 points for st. mary's. they've got the inside game. the outside game as well.
10:56 pm
he let it fly. 85-74 over byu. the gales 3-0 in the wcc, 12- 1over all. the gales arch rival, e zags. the broncos looking for the huge upset. the zags up only 2 at halftime on the broncos. but josh perkins will drive it. he had 18 of his career best 26, helping the zags hold off santa clara. perkins had five big free throws down the stretch. gonzaga, also 3-0 in the wcc. and that is pretty much the sporting life for 2015. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> there you go. >> the warriors, they're just amazing, even without steph curry, they looked kind of bad last night in dallas. they were off their thing. tonight, they buckled down with the defense.
10:57 pm
draymond green, another double- double. >> cheers everybody to 2016. we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a great new year. >> good night.
10:58 pm
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